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The AKC Breed collection is where the name Emma’s Best in Show comes from. It started as a fun side project and quickly turned into a pretty serious small business.

My goal was to illustrate every dog as described in the written breed standard; if they could come to life they could win Best in Show at any dog show they happened to enter.

Five years and counting, over 200 drawings, hundreds of pencils, and even more pencil shavings later, I have every AKC breed in my portfolio. I am constantly adding new breeds and revising the ones I have, making sure every dog is as close to the standard as possible.

My work is done in colored pencil primarily. I do graphite and pastel work as well. I’m entirely self taught and through trial and error have found colored pencils to be my favorite tool. I have a wide variety of vibrant colors to choose from and can layer and control colors with ease. And the finished product looks sharp and conveys emotion and personality!

Custom portraits are where I excel and what I love to create more than anything. Seeing a dog’s personality come to life on paper never becomes routine to me. Seeing an client’s reaction when they see their beloved pet’s portrait delights me.

I can do all animals, landscape backgrounds, seasonal styles, and studio style portraits. Check out my past works to get an idea of how your portrait could look!


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Emma Tinklenberg

Self-taught artist, professional pet stylist, dog sport enthusiast and owner of five purebred dogs! Contact me for custom portrait availability